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18 Derwen Rd

Date of Construction: ca. 1887-96
Original Architect:
Original Owner: H.C. Irwin
Description of the Resource: This large stone Queen Anne house was one of five houses built between 1887 and 1896 on a tract of land owned by John L. Ott along what was then called Llanfaire Avenue. Ott had his own house built during this time, and the house at 18 Derwen Road was built for Harvey C. Irwin. This house is part of a small neighborhood of residences and buildings dubbed Academyville that were constructed around the Lower Merion Academy. It has front and side shed-roof porches with turned posts and side bay windows. The stone fašade of the first and second stories has high integrity; the house is shingled above the second story. (10/2012) Stone Queen Anne w/barn (1896 atlas: H.C. Irwin). (88)
Class: 2
Street Classification: Minor
Name of Local Historic District: Not in a local district
Name of National Historic District: Not applicable
Reviewed By: Historical Commission
Inventory Index Number: BC009

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