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35 Bryn Mawr Ave

Date of Construction: ca. 1887-96
Original Architect:
Original Owner: John Haubert
Description of the Resource: John and Jacob J. Haubert owned the two to three tracts of land that now make up the area along Bryn Mawr Avenue between Union and Aberdale Roads. An 1896 atlas shows a concentration of large greenhouse complexes within an area of two to three blocks. John Haubert owned one of these large complexes; David Bearn had one at the corner of Union and Old Lancaster, and W. W. Faust owned the third at the corner of North Highland and Old Lancaster. John Haubert built a house at the corner of Bryn Mawr and Union Avenues between 1887 and 1896, and by 1900 had transferred this corner property Jacob Haubert. Jacob Haubert also purchased about two acres of land just northeast of the Hauberts’ property, on which he built three structures, likely related to John Haubert’s greenhouse business. Jacob and John Haubert’s houses are similar in style but Jacob’s is a mix of Colonial Revival and Queen Anne rather than pure Colonial Revival. This eclecticism was common in the development of the railroad suburbs in the late nineteenth century. This two-and-a-half-story frame house has a flat-roof porch and steps leading up to a central entry with transom. The porch is supported by four single columns. The house is embellished with simple stringcourses across the façade. The house has a cross gable roof and modified T-plan. Two single dormers flank a twin dormer on the front façade, and there are two dormers on the southeast side of the house as well. There is a smaller second porch on the southeast side of the house and a low attached shed at the rear. By 1913, Patrick J. Lawler of the Bala Cynwyd Building and Planning Association had bought up all of the land around the Hauberts’ two houses. He built his own office on the corner of this property, and he subdivided and built houses on the rest. (10/2012) Frame Queen Anne/Colonial Revival on corner site (Union). (1896 atlas: Jon. Haubert) (88-S 91)
Class: 2
Street Classification: Tertiary
Name of Local Historic District: Not in a local district
Name of National Historic District: Not applicable
Reviewed By: Historical Commission
Inventory Index Number: BC016

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