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1445 County Line Rd

Date of Construction: 1901
Original Architect: Bailey and Truscott
Original Owner: William Austin
Description of the Resource: This stone, Jacobean building was originally the carriage house to William Austin’s Beaumont estate in Rosemont. Austin owned 21 acres between County Line Road and the railway by 1896 and commissioned Bailey & Truscott in 1901 to design and build a main house and carriage house on the property. While the main house no longer exists, this former carriage house was transformed into a double house in when the estate was subdivided in the 1920s. The building has an H-shaped plan, with one long side running parallel to County Line Road to the west. This western façade (1445 County Line Rd) is seven bays wide and two stories tall. There is a large, semi-engaged stone chimney on the northern end of the gabled block and another just south of the center of the building. In the third from the northern bay is a parapeted wall dormer and beneath it is a hipped entrance portico. The gable on the southern end of this block is parapeted with a decorative peak and on the northern end of the block is a one-story wing. The central block of this building has a roof that extends to the first level, acting as the roof to the garages below. There is a palladian-style dormer window on the southern side and a shed roof dormer on the northern side. The eastern block of the house (104 Orchard Way), which makes up the other home of the double house, is nearly identical in massing to its other half. (10/2012)
Class: 2
Street Classification: Minor
Name of Local Historic District: Not in a local district
Name of National Historic District: Not applicable
Reviewed By: Historical Commission
Inventory Index Number: BM138

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