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139 Booth Ln

Date of Construction: 1888
Original Architect: Furness & Evans (1888 H & CH)
Original Owner: Frederick Sylvester
Description of the Resource: In the mid 1910s, L.D. Beggs purchased a 2.5-acre property from Frederick Sylvester on the corner of the intersection between Booth Lane and Glyn-Wynne Avenue. The property, first called “Wynnestay” and then “By the Wood,” included a main house and carriage house designed by Furness & Evans in 1880. In 1915, Beggs hired McIlvaine & Roberts to heavily alter the existing house and transform it into a French Eclectic mansion. He kept the original carriage house (now at 157 Booth Lane). The main house has a long rectangular building plan, with a steeply-pitched hipped roof and two large hipped-roof cross gables on the ends. It is 2 ½ stories tall and has several hipped dormer windows on the roof in addition to four tall brick chimneys. On the eastern end of the building is a flat-roofed porch. The entrance is located in the center of the front, north, façade, under a small, classically-inspired portico supported by two Doric columns. Above the door are two tall windows that open to a small porch. On the rear side of the building are ten bays of windows and five hipped dormer windows. (10/2012) "By the Wood," large stucco/stone altered French Eclectic early 20th c. house (1915) by arch. McIlvain & Roberts (wedding gift) for Frances Earle Beggs. Earlier, 1880 Victorian, called "Wynnestay" for John Struthers, prominent Philaldelphia mable mason/arch. by arch. Furness & Evans, with Victorian stick 2-story carriage house (now demolished) on 6+ acres which originally extended to Grays Lane. Adjacent Glyn Wynne Rd. named for Struther's "Wynnestay" and John Lewis's "Glyn Taft' (1880, Furness & Evans, main hse. demolished; Durham-converted carriage house at 157 Booth Ln).
Class: 1
Street Classification: Minor
Name of Local Historic District: Not in a local district
Name of National Historic District: Not applicable
Reviewed By: Historical Commission
Inventory Index Number: HA088

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