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2101 County Line Rd

Date of Construction: 1896
Original Architect:
Original Owner: Joseph E. Gillingham
Description of the Resource: Dr. Joseph Eddy Gillingham, a retired lumber merchant, purchased a 237-acre tract of land and founded “Clairemont” between 1877 and 1881 during which point seventeen buildings were constructed. Portions of the estate have been attributed to the firm of Addison Hutton; Hutton designed the 1892 gardener’s cottage. Hotchkins Suburban House Views (1897) and Kings 1900 Philadelphia and Notable Philadelphians attribute the main house to Hutton, and the firm may have also designed the carriage house. The Second Empire house had a full wrapping porch on all sides, overhanging eaves with brackets and cornice and rooftop cresting. Morris L. Clothier of the famed Philadelphia department store Strawbridge and Clothier purchased the property between 1900 and 1908. At this point, Gillingham moved to Brinklow and Isaac H. Clothier, Jr. moved to Althrop, which he re-named “Sunnybrook” (extant at 601 Matsons Ford Road) and by 1913 Brinklow had been transferred back to the Clothier Clairemont property and remained as part of Clothier’s property until it was subdivided c.1957-1959 and the main house (replaced c.1917-1918) was sold on 22 acres to the Christian Churches of Christ. Brinklow has undergone several alterations, additions and demolition of sections. It was originally a U-plan building with a large stone section to the west, a frame ell connecting from the rear of this section to a smaller brick section and a frame ell from the south façade of the brick section connecting to a stone section to the south. By 1953, much of this original property may have been demolished, and there have been subsequent additions in 1969, 1980, 1981 and 2006. (10/2012)
Class: 2
Street Classification: Minor
Name of Local Historic District: Not in a local district
Name of National Historic District: Not applicable
Reviewed By: Historical Commission
Inventory Index Number: VI083

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