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Historic Resource Inventory Information

Use this form to search the Historic Resource Inventory. You must know the Street Address as it appears in the inventory. You can use the List of Properties to copy an address or type the address in the box below.

The following information (if known) will be returned:

Address of Property
Approximate Age
Original Architect
Original Owner
Description of Noteworthy Features
Local District Name (if in a local district)
National District Name (if in a National Register Historic District)
Class (for purposes of the Ordinance)
Street Classification
Local Review Board
Inventory ID Number

Please Note: There is the possibility of multiple resources at one address. For example, a property might have a carriage house or other outbuilding that is also a resource. In these cases all of the information on the structures will be returned as multiple answers to the search form.

Do not use punctuation in the address. You may abbreviate street direction, such as N for North. Also abbreviate words like Street, Avenue and Drive. Example: 2 E Lancaster Ave

Enter the Address of the Property:

For additional resource information contact the Historic Preservation Planner Greg Prichard, gprichard@lowermerion.org
To report problems with this form contact: staff@lowermerion.org